Digital Certificates

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry issues all aircraft certificates and documents in digital format only.

The Certificate of Registration (CoR) and Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA) can be presented to ramp inspectors or auditors electronically, or, if certified as a true copy by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry, in a printed paper version. Certified copies will only be produced upon request.

The use of digital CoR and CoA was subject to an operational trial by the operators of a number of Isle of Man registered aircraft in 2016. The certificates are rendered valid as the original documents in their digital form by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

They satisfy the on-board carriage requirements for aircraft engaged in international air navigation in accordance with Articles 29 and 31 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation as well as the requirements of Annex 7 and 8 to the same Convention.

The certificates are emailed to customers in digital format or can be downloaded by logging in to your online services account for the purpose of carriage on-board the aircraft for all flight operations using a portable electronic device (PED). Any PED may be used for this purpose so long as presentation of the certificates to ramp inspectors or auditors will not be impeded in any way by use of that device.

Alternatively, aircraft which hold an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) approval may use one of these devices to carry the digital certificates.  The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry’s move to fully digital aircraft certificates provides customers with significant efficiency and flexibility.

Flight Crew and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence validations should be carried by the licence holder when exercising the privileges of their licence.