Online Customer Portal - ARDIS

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) online services portal (known as ARDIS) enables our clients to access certain information and documents relating to aircraft for which they are a recorded contact, specifically:

  • Aircraft data and related contact details;
  • Aircraft certificates and letters (view/download);
  • Certificates due for renewal report;
  • MEL findings from Flight Operations (view/respond);
  • Online statements;
  • Invoices (view/pay);

The IOMAR continues to review and develop its online services portal to better meet customer requirements.

The URL is  It is viewable from most browsers including Chrome and Internet Explorer and may be used on portable devices.

Individuals who are recorded as a contact for one or more Isle of Man Aircraft registered aircraft or aircraft where the process of registration is ‘in progress’ will receive an email from the IOMAR, inviting them to complete setup of their account and login to ARDIS.

Your username is your email address recorded for the aircraft, and will be recorded in the subject line of the email.

Access to the various types of information and services available to customers in ARDIS is determined by a person’s role on each specific aircraft.  If a customer has different roles on different aircraft, the information/services available to them may vary.

Upon first login, the terms and conditions (T&C’s) of use will be displayed.  To continue with login, the T&C‘s must be read and accepted.  If not accepted, access will not be permitted.

Once complete your ARDIS access will be activated.

Guidance on how to use ARDIS is available by selecting ‘Help’ from the menu bar, once you are logged in.

Should you experience difficulties logging in, please contact us at [email protected].

Permissions table - The below table demonstrates what tabs you will see in your customer account depending on your role.

Role on Aircraft What tabs you will see.
Registered Owner Aircraft Details, Registered Owner, Beneficial Owner, Operator, Certificates & letters.
Operator Aircraft Details, Registered Owner, Operator, NATR, FOR, Debtor, Certificates, Letters, Certificates to Renew & MEL findings.
Beneficial Owner Aircraft Details, Registered Owner and Beneficial owner.
NATR Aircraft Details, Registered Owner, Operator, NATR, FOR, Certificates, Letters and Certificates to renew & MEL findings.
FOR Aircraft Details, Registered Owner, Operator, NATR, FOR, Certificates, Letters and Certificates to renew & MEL findings.
Debtor Aircraft Details, Debtors and Invoices including statements.

Webpage last updated 18th August 2021