Occurrence Reporting

A summary by Colin Gill, Deputy Director of Civil Aviation, Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration.

New Isle of Man Occurrence Reporting legislation comes into force on 1 December 2020. Registry Publication 5 (RP5) has been updated to incorporate the new occurrence reporting requirements and provides further guidance on reporting, investigation and the safety data and information protections.

The Civil Aviation (Occurrence Reporting) Order 2020 (which was open to public consultation during 2019) meets the latest requirements of ICAO Annex 19. It also incorporates the current investigation processes which have been previously specified in RP5 and includes the following key amended / new requirements:


  • ‘Safety Data and Information Protection’ is now enacted in law.


  • Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MOR) must now be submitted within 72 hours of the person becoming aware of the occurrence.


Effective safety reporting systems ensure that people are willing to openly report occurrences and create an environment in which people can be confident that their report will be used exclusively for improving safety. We have put in place the legal framework for this by implementing the ICAO Safety Information Protection provisions in our new Occurrence Reporting Order. You can be assured of the IOMAR’s commitment to a just safety culture and our overriding aim to maintain and wherever possible to improve aviation safety through working in partnership with those that we regulate.