Aircraft Radio Licences and Mobile Communication Services

Aircraft registered in the Isle of Man are required by regulation[1] to hold an Aircraft Radio Licence. Ofcom issue Radio Licences, including those licences relating to aircraft on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register (IOMAR). Please note that no direct IOMAR involvement is required in the aircraft radio license process, should you wish to contact them for assistance with radio licensing enquiries or assistance their contact information can be found herePlease quote your customer number or case reference number when contacting Ofcom.

Further information can be found in Registry Publication 66 Aircraft Radio Licensing and Mobile Communication Services.


[1] The Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 as extended to the Isle of Man by the Wireless Telegraphy (Isle of Man) Order 2007 (SI 2007 No 278)

[2] Ofcom is the communications regulator in the UK 

All uses of radio spectrum generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) and there are international guidelines to help ensure services operate in a way that will not adversely affect peoples’ health. In normal conditions, most uses of radio spectrum for wireless communications present no health risk to humans - but exposure to very high levels of radiofrequency EMF can be harmful.

Visit Ofcom's EMF webpage to find information on how to comply with Ofcom’s rules on EMF.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Ofcom team directly.


For the purpose of article 34 (5) (a) of the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order 2015 as amended, ‘All radio communication and radio navigation equipment installed in an aircraft registered in the Isle of Man or carried on such an aircraft for use in connection with the aircraft (whether or not in compliance with this Order or any applied regulations) must - be of a type approved by the Department* in relation to the purpose for which it is to be used’.

*This means equipment appropriately certified or approved to the standards identified in the design and manufacturing regulations of EASA, FAA or Transport Canada.