Case Studies

Safety is PARAMOUNT - a Pragmatic Approach to Meet YOur Needs

We take pride in listening to our Operator's needs and taking a pragmatic approach to meet them. Here is an example...


An aircraft on the Isle of Man Aircraft Register recently became one of very few aircraft to have made a stopover at St Helena Airport.

St Helena is a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. The island’s airport opened in 2016 but commercial flights are yet to commence and due to challenging wind shear conditions and unusual runway characteristics, the airport is Cat C and requires the approval of the aircraft’s State of Registry.

The operator, airport and the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry worked in collaboration to undertake a detailed review of the local procedures and restrictions and assess the results of recent St Helena flight trials. This resulted in the operator being able to develop robust operational procedures and limitations to be applied in accordance with and in the context of their Safety Management System​.