Fatigue Risk Management Programme (FRMP)

The operator of a Large and Turbojet aircraft must establish and implement a fatigue risk management programme (FRMP) that ensures that personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft (see note) do not carry out their duties when fatigued.

The IBAC/ICAO/Flight Safety Foundation ‘Fatigue Management Guide for General Aviation Operators of Large and Turbojet Aeroplanes’ has been published to provide general aviation aeroplane operators with information on the nature of fatigue and guidance on managing the risks related to this hazard within a general aviation operators’ safety management system.


'Personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of aircraft' includes:

  • Flight Crew & Cabin Crew, and
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who are directly employed by the operator.  

But does not include:

  • Personnel directly employed by the operator to conduct other functions; and, 
  • Contracted by the operator to perform ground based operational and maintenance functions.