Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

Article 35 of the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order 2015 (ANO) provides for an aircraft registered in the Isle of Man to be operated with certain equipment inoperative, through the use of an approved Minimum Equipment List (MEL).

To ensure compliance with the ANO in respect of MELs, Registry Publication 6 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Preparation Guide requires that where no Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) exists for the aircraft type, or where an existing MMEL refers to non-Isle of Man regulations, aircraft operators should use this MEL Preparation Guide to produce an MEL specific to their aircraft. However, the material in this MEL Preparation Guide should not be used to overwrite the MMEL other than for the purpose(s) described.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry recognises that the preparation of an MEL for submission can take a period of time therefore, would consider applications from aircraft operators to use the Master Minimum Equipment List for up to 90 days from date of issue of a Permission.

This time frame allows for the preparation of an MEL, submission to the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry for approval, and any recommended changes, if required, following the review by a Surveyor.

The MMEL Permission, when granted, will be for a limited period, a copy of Schedule 3 Aircraft Equipment and Schedule 4 Radio Communication and Radio Navigation Equipment of Aircraft must be carried and consulted for guidance when the statements such as “Refer to National Requirements” is made in the “Remarks or Exceptions” column of the MMEL.


Documents required by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR):


Documents required by the IOMAR:

  • Form 8, Minimum Equipment List Permission Application. Complete all sections of the form, identifying the MEL title and the source document details.
  • Electronic copy of the prepared MEL.
  • Electronic copy of the MMEL source document. IOMAR policy is to review the MEL against the MMEL from the State of TCDS compliance of the aircraft. If there are extenuating circumstances that may require deviation from this policy, this should be discussed with the IOMAR prior to the MEL preparation.
  • Electronic copy of the source Operational and Maintenance (O&M) procedures, which form the basis of the operators O&M procedures.