Operations Over or Close to Conflict Zones

Under the Convention on International Civil Aviation, individual States maintain sovereign authority over their airspace. This authority carries with it the responsibility to issue risk advisories regarding any threats to the safety of civilian aircraft operating in their airspace.

States also have authority to close their own airspace where certain safety threats may warrant that action.

The safety and security of an aircraft operation to or through a particular geographical area or location is entirely the responsibility of the Aircraft Operator; the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry does not specifically prohibit, or permit, such operations.

ICAO publish Doc 10084 Risk Assessment Manual for Civil Aircraft Operations Over or Near Conflict Zones which is accessible via the ICAO ‘Risks Posed to Civil Aviation operators over or near Conflict Zones’ webpage.

Aircraft operators are strongly recommend to complete a thorough safety and security assessment, taking into account global airspace risks communicated by States and/or third parties, including NOTAMs and AICs and any other official publication, in determining whether to undertake the operation. Furthermore, the operator is strongly recommended to discusses the planned operation with the aircraft insurers and obtain their consent.

The following sites may be used to obtain official notifications of airspace warnings relating to conflict zones:


  • EASA Information on Conflict Zones and the Conflict Zone Alerting System.

This system complements existing national infrastructure mechanisms when they exist, by adding, when possible, a European level common risk picture and corresponding recommendations. This system populates a list of all currently active and recently withdrawn EASA Conflict Zone Information Bulletins is available here. Additionally a user friendly map is available to view too;