Please find below the latest documents and forms issued by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry.

For various reasons, our Forms and Registry Publications are updated frequently to ensure they are accurate and meet the requirements of the aviation world as it evolves and also to ensure their ease of use for you.

Please visit this page frequently to download the latest versions of the Application Forms and documents as and when you need them. 

Form No. Title Form Issue Date
1 Application for Out-of-Sequence Aircraft Registration Mark(s) 24/08/2017
2 Application for Aircraft Registration 26/06/2018
 3 Survey Application for the Initial Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA)    20/08/2018 
 4 Initial or Additional Operating Approvals   26/03/2018
4a Operating Approval Renewals   20/09/2018
 5 Application for an Aircraft Radio Licence   19/02/2019 
6a   Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation - Registration Mark Specific   27/06/2018 
 6b Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation - Type/Class Rating-Operator Specific (TCROS)   27/06/2018
 7 Application for Maintenance Engineer Licence Validation   22/01/2018
 8 Minimum Equipment List (MEL) Permission Application  04/04/2019
8a   MEL Amendment Compliance Statement - WITHDRAWN PLEASE USE FORM 8


 9 Survey Application for the Renewal of a Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA) 02/07/2018 
10 Survey Application for the Issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness for Export (CoAE) 20/08/2018
11 Application for Deregistration 08/05/2017
15 Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) 90 Day Permission Application 20/08/2018
19 RNP AR APCH Application 27/11/2017
20 Operator Declaration of Compliance & Delegated Authority Form 04/04/2019
25 Entry of Priority Notice  03/05/2017
26 Entry of Aircraft Mortgage onto Register of Aircraft Mortgages 03/05/2017
27 Change in Particulars in Register of Aircraft Mortgages  03/05/2017
28 Discharge of Registered Mortgage from the Register of Aircraft Mortgages  03/05/2017
29 Mortgage Search Application of the Register of Aircraft Mortgages 03/05/2017
30 Occurrence Report   25/01/2018
31 Airworthiness Contact Information - Note: Form 31 has been superseded by Form 20  
35 Approval of a Modification 11/09/2017
37 406MHz ELT or PLB Registration Form  01/09/2017
39 All Weather Operations (AWOPS)
AWOPS Appendix A - LVTO
AWOPS Appendix B - CAT II and LVTO
AWOPS Appendix C - CAT IIIA and LVTO
AWOPS Appendix D - CAT IIIB and LVTO


06/02/2019 (a)







40 Steep Approach 03/05/2017
42 Application for the Issue of a Permit to Fly 19/03/2018
44 EVS/HUD to Descend below Minima 03/05/2017
64 a Authorisation Application for Maintenance CRS Signature 23/07/2018
64 b Authorisation for Pilot for Maintenance CRS Signature 8/11/2018
67 a Application for a Variation to an Approved Maintenance Programme Task 23/01/2019
91 Application for Approval of an EFB System 29/11/2018
92 Notification of Change of Aircraft Details 21/01/2019
100 Application for an Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP) Approval 21/01/2019
101 Change of Details of Aircraft Maintenance Programme Approval 03/05/2017
108 Recording an IDERA 15/11/2017
109 Revoking an IDERA 15/11/2017
110 Recording a Certified Designee for an IDERA 15/11/2017
111 Removing a Certified Designee for an IDERA 15/11/2017
112 IDERA Deregistration Request 04/12/2018
117 Credit Card Authorisation 24/04/2018

The Isle of Man Aviation Business Directory has been compiled to assist IOMAR customers in locating companies in the Isle of Man who offer aviation-related services, such as insurance, taxation, corporate service providers and lawyers/advocates.

Please note that inclusion in the directory does not indicate any type of approval or recommendation of any company by IOMAR.

The operational and emergency equipment which needs to be installed will depend upon where the aircraft is to be flown and aircraft type.

Note - It can also change periodically.

The definitive list of equipment is contained in our legislation 'Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order 2015, as amended. See Schedule 3 Aircraft Equipment and Schedule 4 Radio Communication and radio navigation equipment of aircraft'.

To assist our operators further we have produced the following documents to enable them to locate the equipment requirements within the IOM ANO, and determine what equipment should be carried for the operation of their aircraft:

Operational and Emergency Equipment - Aeroplanes

Operational and Emergency Equipment - Helicopters

In order to assist Operators of M-Registered aircraft, we have compiled a list of abbreviations.

Click here to view.