Our goal is to provide ‘Safety with Service’. We continually review our processes to ensure they meet our clients’ needs, are simple and efficient to use, whilst meeting relevant standards and recommended practices.

The following enhancements to our Operational Approvals are being introduced on 27 November 2017:

  • Streamlined application process for RNP APCH with a declaration on crew training replacing the need to supply training evidence.
  • Addition of RNP AR APCH (Authorisation Required) to the Registry’s portfolio of operational approvals.
  • New MEL amendment submission process which ensures the operator has no delay in the ability to use the amended MEL and no financial cost incurred for submitting the amendment.

We are also rationalising our guidance material to operators through the development of a combined single Registry Publication on all flight operations subjects. The first stage in this project is the amalgamation of RP6 (MEL Preparation Guide) and RP35 (Approval and Safe Use of EFB) into RP4 which is renamed ‘Guidance to Operators – Operational Approvals and Renewals’.

Further information on these developments is provided in Industry Notice 024.

We have other enhancements and developments in progress and look forward to announcing these over the coming months.