Changes to Mandatory Occurrence Reporting at IOMAR

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has issued a revised Mandatory Occurrence Report (Form 30) which should be used with immediate effect. The Mandatory Occurrence Report has been further developed to ensure the efficient capture of all relevant details regarding the occurrence.  The Report has also been split into a Part 1 (Initial Report) and Part 2 (Investigation and Closing Actions).

As part of our programme to support and make processes as easy as possible for our clients we have also published  a new Registry Publication (RP5) which provides guidance on the processes and procedures for the reporting of occurrences, serious incidents and accidents relating to Isle of Man registered aircraft.

The revised Mandatory Occurrence Report (Form 30) and Registry Publication (RP5) can be downloaded from our website. Previous versions of Form 30 should no longer be used.

These developments are in support of our goal is to provide ‘Safety with Service’, where we continually review our processes to ensure they meet our clients’ needs, are simple and efficient to use, whilst meeting relevant standards and recommended practices.