Introduction of AME Type Rating Specific Validations

The Aircraft Registry is pleased to announce that from 8 January 2018, it will introduce type rating specific validations for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) on Isle of Man registered aircraft.

AME validations specific to aircraft registrations will no longer be issued from this date. 

Existing AME validations showing M registrations will continue to be valid and upon renewal or reissue they will be replaced with a type rating specific validation.

**All existing registration specific validations will be sufficient to demonstrate a type rating ability to issue a CRS.**

Should you wish to transfer to a type rating specific validation prior to renewal, you may do so by submitting a completed Form 7 application and select ‘Transfer’.  A fee of £40 will apply.

Holders of AME Validations must ensure the NATRs for all Isle of Man registered aircraft that they will be associated with are notified upon issue of their validation. NATRs should maintain an up to date list of maintenance staff in accordance with the Air Navigation (Isle of Man) Order.

The change is designed to provide operators and NATRs with more flexibility in respect of aircraft maintenance.