Demonstration Flights - UPDATE

Following helpful feedback from our clients, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has published an updated Industry Notice 34 regarding the conduct of demonstration flights.

This amplifies that:

  • this process is not applicable for:
    • demonstration flights where the costs are borne by the current aircraft owner/operator;
    • flights connected to the sale or lease of an aircraft other than for demonstration to a potential aircraft buyer/lessee, e.g. for the purpose of pre-purchase inspection or to deliver to a closing location.
  • the specification of an hourly direct operating cost (DOC) rate is an acceptable means of compliance subject to the DOC rate being no greater than 100% of the specified costs.


  • for aircraft that are registered with us specifically for the period that the aircraft is awaiting a commercial lease arrangement (known as a ‘parked airliner’), the Registry will routinely address the demonstration flight requirement with the aircraft owner/operator at the point of registration to identify any exemption requirements.


For more detail please see the Industry Notice via this link.