Changes to MEL Approval and Amendment Processes

From 4th April 2019, the Registry is making changes to the way MEL Findings (and observations) are processed, and its requirements regarding MEL Amendments.

MEL Findings

The Registry has invested in an enhancement to the Online Services Portal.  From 4th April all findings (and observations) will be provided to the FOR from the online services.  FORs and Operators can respond to each finding directly via the online services portal.

(MEL Authors can be granted access by the Operator through the online portal). This enhancement to the online portal will provide a simplified process, greater transparency and reduction of email exchanges to further improve the customer interaction with the Registry.

MEL Amendments

All MEL Amendments must now be approved by the Registry prior to being used operationally. 

There is a new single form (Form 8) to apply for all MEL Approvals (Initial and Amendment), therefore Form 8a MEL Amendment Compliance Statement and MEL Amendment Matrix will be withdrawn.

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