New Letter of Understanding with UK CAA

The IOMAR and the UK CAA have signed a new Letter of Understanding (LoU) regarding EASA Air Ops Part NCC affected aircraft.  

The agreement confirms that for an Isle of Man registered aircraft that has been declared to the UK CAA under EASA Air Ops, the UK CAA will automatically issue the MEL approval once the IOMAR issues its approval.


Operators of Isle of Man registered aircraft should:

-              communicate directly with the IOMAR as the State of Registry regarding their MEL approvals - the IOMAR will subsequently liaise as necessary with the UK CAA;

-              continue to make NCC declarations to the UK CAA in accordance with EASA Air Ops and UK CAA process - the UK CAA will issue the operator with confirmation of MEL approval.


Any queries from operators of aircraft registered in the Isle of Man should be directed as follows:

-              MEL application process - to the IOMAR at: [email protected]

-              EASA Air Ops and Part NCC declarations – to the UK CAA at: [email protected]


It is anticipated that the LoU will be expanded to include other approvals, such as for low-visibility operations (LVO), in the future.