Safety Matters 02/2020 COVID 19 - Effects on Aviation Safety?

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry's Safety Matters 02/2020 'COVID 19 - Effects on Aviation Safety?' has now been published.

The aim of this Safety Matters is to provide guidance to all persons involved in the operation of aircraft registered in the Isle of Man on the potential aviation safety risks resulting from COVID-19 and possible strategies for their mitigation. The content has taken account of and summarises selected advice issued by other aviation safety and regulatory organisations and these are credited and listed for direct reference at the end of the document.

We recognise that it is not possible for us to tailor this Safety Matters to the unique circumstances of your own operation. There is significant diversity in the size, scale, complexity and geographical operation of operators of Isle of Man registered aircraft; therefore, this guidance instead attempts to highlight salient safety points so that you can consider “what does this mean for me and my operation?”