Enhancements to ARDIS online services customer accounts.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (IOMAR) is very pleased to announce coming enhancements to ARDIS online services customer accounts.

The changes to be made available to clients from 4th August 2021, aim to streamline access for clients who are recorded contacts for more than one aircraft in ARDIS.

Additionally, clients will be able to view records for aircraft in the process of being registered in the Isle of Man (‘in progress’ registrations), and be able to respond to MEL findings via ARDIS in preparation for registration.

The IOMAR is committed to providing a secure online services portal for clients to access services and information.  Users will continue to be able to access only the data that is relevant to their role on each aircraft they are recorded for.

Existing IOMAR customers will be provided with further details of the enhancements and what they will mean to them soon. The benefits of these changes to clients will be:

  • Quicker automated access (no need for written permission);
  • Ability to view all aircraft a user is recorded for, via a single account;
  • Simplified user administration;
  • Access to MEL review function, prior to aircraft registration.