Special Approvals - Online Portal

From 6th May 2022, the Registry is making changes to the way Special Approvals are processed.


Whilst the application process for initial and renewal of Special Approvals (AWOPs, RNP AR APCH & Dangerous Goods) remains the same, the process of communicating any Findings and Observations to the operator is changing.

For those operators and FORs who are already familiar with the process of Minimum Equipment List (MEL) IOMAR approvals, this change to the Special Approvals process will be familiar.

The Registry has invested in an enhancement to the Online Services Portal, and as from 6th May any Findings and Observations will be provided to the FOR from the online services. FORs and Operators can respond to each Finding directly via the online services portal.
This enhancement to the online portal will provide a simplified process, greater transparency and reduction of email exchanges to further improve the customer interaction with the Registry.

The online portal also gives the Operator the facility to monitor which individuals have been delegated the authority to act on their behalf, and also to view any Certificates issued for their aircraft.

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