Aircraft Awaiting Commercial Leases

The Isle of Man offers a specialist service to assist commercial airliner owners whilst the aircraft is awaiting a commercial lease agreement.

The aircraft would typically come to our register at the point of the lease return; the aircraft will undergo the same process as our executive aircraft for the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness.

When airliners are not being operated commercially by an airline they are ‘private aircraft’ and can take advantage of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry’s quick, efficient and cost-effective service.

Operators who are unable to meet the requirements of Part 17A of the ANO (i.e. Company Operations Manual and a FRMP) can apply for an Exemption via Form 103. If you are uncertain whether this is applicable to you, feel free to contact the Flight Ops team to discuss.

Benefits to Banks and Leasing Companies

  • Quick and efficient global registration service providing minimum down-time between leases, or a safe international register for parked aircraft;
  • Competitive scheme of charges;
  • No minimum time on the aircraft register;
  • Any EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation with the appropriate approvals can conduct work on Isle of Man registered aircraft;
  • Type-rated ICAO flight crew licences can be validated for flightcrew of Isle of Man registered aircraft;
  • Aircraft can be approved for RVSM, NAT HLA (MNPS) and RNAV at the time of registration. Operation Manuals are included with the approvals;
  • Airline experienced Isle of Man authorised Surveyors are based in the USA, Switzerland, UK and the Isle of Man, saving time and travel costs;
  • Accounts are opened for Banks and Leasing Companies when registration applications are received and charges are invoiced on completion of the registration process;
  • The Isle of Man is part of the European VAT and Customs regime and is a quick and efficient place to import aircraft into Europe if necessary.