Changes to Aircraft Details

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry must be notified of changes to aircraft details which will affect the information recorded on the aircraft register and on aircraft certificates.

Aircraft representative contact details should also be kept up to date to ensure notices issued by the Aircraft Registry are sent to the correct people and to enable us to contact the right person if there is a need for us to do so.

Changes to the following should be notified to IOMAR:

Changes to Contact Details:

  • Nominated Airworthiness Technical Representative (NATR)
  • Flight Operations Representative (FOR)
  • Registered Owner Contact
  • Operator Contacts

Changes to Aircraft Details:

  • Registered Owner
  • Operator
  • Registration Marks
  • Registered Owner* or Operator Address (*or change of customer service provider)
  • Registered Owner or Operator Name (entity is the same, but the company name has changed)
  • Charter by Demise (termination of lease, changes to the lease agreement)
  • Combinations of two or more of the above.

To ensure we have the most up to date contacts for your aircraft, please notify us as soon as possible of the following:

Change of Nominated Airworthiness Technical Representative (NATR)

Submit a completed Form 31 to [email protected].

Change of Flight Operations Representative (FOR)

Submit a completed Form 20 to [email protected].

Change of Registered Owner or Operator Contact

Email us at [email protected] and confirm the person’s name and contact details.

Keeping these contacts current on our records enables us to keep the right people informed of important updates.

If there has also been a change to aircraft details, further information will be required.  Refer to the following sections on Changes to Aircraft Details.

Advance notice of a change to aircraft details is required to allow sufficient time for IOMAR to review documents and reissue aircraft certificates affected to prevent potential delays to aircraft operations.

All outstanding invoices must be paid in full prior to completion of the change.

Please allow a minimum of ten working days (from time of application to receipt of certificates) for the process to be completed. 

Not every change should take this long to finalise and we will always do our best to accommodate the time frames required by our customers if it is within our ability to do so.

This will be dependent on the quality and completeness of the documents submitted.

Supply of draft copies of documents (e.g. Bills of Sale, Deeds of Release, Mortgages) to the Registry ahead of time is encouraged to reduce review time and therefore possible delays to service on the day of a transaction.

The Current Registered Owner (or their authorised representative) must submit a completed Form 92, Notification of Change of Aircraft Details to [email protected] authorising the Registry to begin the change process.

This may be in draft format initially. Upon receipt of Form 92, a member of our Registry Services Team will be allocated as your primary point of contact to assist you through the process.

This form must be signed by either:

  1. A director of the current registered owner OR
  2. A nominated representative of the current registered owner who holds a valid Power of Attorney authorising them to sign application forms on behalf of the registered owner in respect of the change.

Supporting Forms & Documents

Page 2 of Form 92 lists the supporting documents to be supplied to the Aircraft Registry in advance of the change taking place. 

Supply of draft copies of documents (e.g. Bills of Sale, Deeds of Release, Mortgages) to the Registry ahead of time is strongly encouraged to the possibility of delays to service on the day of a transaction.

The Registry issues all certificates and documents in digital format only.

For details of certificates re-issued by other agencies, see Registry Publication 52.