The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry office continues to operate as normal. We wish to reassure our customers that where necessary we have the capability to work remotely whilst maintaining high levels of service provision. Our arrangements mean that this will be seamless with no change to our telephone or email contact arrangements.

We continue to be contactable by:

  • E-mail at [email protected] ;
  • Telephone on +44 (0) 1624 682 358. If contacting us by telephone, please allow a few more rings than usual for your call to be answered as the phones may be diverted to some remote working staff members.

The IOMAR team fully empathises with the acute impact that the pandemic is having on the aviation industry. We are committed to maintaining a practical and flexible approach. We continue to develop innovative solutions to ensure that safety regulatory standards can be achieved through alternative means whilst maintaining excellence in customer service.

Please see the link below for more specific information on ‘remote’ aircraft airworthiness surveys in support of the issuance of Certificates of Airworthiness.

For information on the potential aviation safety risks resulting from COVID-19 and possible strategies for their mitigation please see Safety Matters 02-2020.

In order to support your continued safe and efficient aircraft operation during the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to provide digital based ‘remote’ surveys of M registered aircraft without the need for the surveyor to travel to the aircraft to perform an onsite survey. This is now the default means of delivering aircraft surveys with an onsite survey only possible in exceptional circumstances and at very limited locations.

In the event that an onsite survey is agreed and planned for, this may still be subject to last minute changes due to the ever fluctuating and rapidly changing national travel restrictions that are beyond our control. Hence the shift in approach, we are trying to build a high degree of certainty and confidence into the process whilst seeking to manage some of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic.

Remote surveys are conducted to the same compliance standard as traditional onsite surveys but require alternative methods of accessing aircraft records and gaining visual confirmations. Consequently, please review the details below so that you can be appropriately prepared in advance of applying for a survey.

  • The requirements of RP7 (initial survey) and RP17 (renewal/export survey) continue to be the core preparation requirements to present an aircraft and its technical records. However, in variation to RP7/17, the NATR or Person Presenting the Aircraft’ (PPtA) must be able to send the aircraft records (including log books) in a digital format to the surveyor. If you do not hold digital aircraft records then please make early contact with us so that we can consider alternative arrangements in good time ahead of the survey being required.
  • The NATR or PPtA must be able to send photo images and live video broadcast of the physical aircraft while the survey is being conducted as requested by the surveyor.
  • Experience has shown that a remote survey for renewal or for export CoA normally takes 2 days and a remote survey for an initial CoA typically takes 3 days. As with a traditional onsite survey, appropriate advance preparation by the NATR or PPtA ensures that survey time is kept to the absolute minimum.
  • The aircraft will be required to be available on the ground during periods of the remote survey identified by the surveyor (see below). This is usually on the 2nd day for renewals and export CoA and the 2nd or 3rd day for initials.
  • From the remote survey start date until the completion of the survey, the NATR or PPtA must be available to answer questions relating to the continued airworthiness of the aircraft. Further documentation, images/video may well be requested during the conduct of the survey.
  • Applications for surveys should continue to be made using Form 3 (initial), Form 9 (renewal) or Form 10 (Export). When applying please put the “survey date” as the date you expect the surveyor to start the review and when the NATR/PPtA is available to the surveyor as set out above. Please provide a minimum of 7 working days notice and ensure that the full submission of the aircraft records in digital format can be made by that date.

Once the survey date has been agreed, the allocated surveyor will make contact with the NATR/ PPtA to agree detailed arrangements, including:

  • Setting out the aircraft records and photographs/video that are required and to agree the means of sending/receiving these;
  • The exact dates when the aircraft will be required on the ground;
  • Agreeing which method of remote communication is preferred during the survey.

This should enable the NATR/PPtA to conduct appropriate prior preparation so that the survey proceeds as efficiently as possible.

On successful completion the CoA will be subsequently issued for 12 months as per normal.

If you have any queries regarding remote surveys then please email us at [email protected]