Licence Validations

Certain operational and technical personnel must hold a licence validation issued by the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry before flight or prior to carrying out maintenance on M registered aircraft.

See below for details.

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry will validate appropriately type rated flight crew licences issued by a contracting state to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, with some key exceptions (below).

Some of the licences most commonly validated are issued by:

  • The states represented by EASA;
  • FAA;
  • Transport Canada;
  • Australia;
  • South Africa.

 A crew member must hold a validation for each M registered aircraft they will be operating.

 Key Exceptions

  • FAA Private Pilot Licence (PPL) issued based on a foreign licence issued by a separate state;
  • Licences issued by states where there is reasonable doubt over regulatory or safety standards.

To apply, please complete Form 6 Application for Flight Crew Licence Validation and email along with the relevant support documents as listed on the form to [email protected].

Maintenance certification staff who hold type rating privileges on a license issued by an ICAO compliant State can have their license validated and can conduct ‘line maintenance and defect rectification’ on an Isle of Man registered aircraft.

To apply, please complete Form 7 Application for Maintenance Engineer Licence Validation and email with the relevant supporting documents as listed on the form to [email protected]