Complaints Procedure

The Aircraft Registry aims to provide customers with a high quality of service at all times.

If you are not satisfied with the standard of service you have received, please let us know either by email or by telephoning - +44 (0)1624 682 358 to speak with one of our team.

We are confident that most concerns can be satisfactorily addressed at this level.

However, if you are still unsatisfied, your concerns may be raised with the Director of Civil Aviation.

Please include full details of any previous correspondence relating to your complaint and send to the following address:

Director of Civil Aviation
Isle of Man Aircraft Registry
Ground Floor, Viscount House
Ronaldsway Airport
Isle of Man
British Isles

The Director will try to resolve your complaint immediately. If he is unable to do so, he will write to you within 5 working days from receipt of your concern advising how your complaint will be dealt with.

In all cases the Director will write to you within 28 days advising you of his decision on your complaint or providing you with an update for the resolution of the issue. He will make sure that your complaint is thoroughly investigated and will always explain the reasons for the actions and decisions taken.

If you still feel that the complaint has not been handled satisfactorily you may appeal to the Department’s Complaints Officer who has full powers to fully investigate any complaint received, and where a complaint is upheld, to resolve the matter speedily.

Should you wish to appeal to the Complaints Officer, who is normally the Department’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, then this must be done in writing and addressed to:

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Department for Enterprise
St George’s Court
Upper Church Street
Isle of Man
British Isles

None of the above limits a complainant’s right to seek redress through whatever legal means they consider appropriate.

You may be entitled to ask for a review where the Isle of Man CAA has made a decision or issued a proposal with regard to the following:

  • Registration of aircraft.
  • Certificate of airworthiness of aircraft.
  • Noise certificate.
  • Certificate of compliance with the requirements for the emission by aircraft engines of unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Personnel licensing.
  • Validation of any approval, certificate, licence, rating or qualification.

For further information please follow this link.