Test 3


The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry online services portal (known as ARDIS) was created to enable clients to:

  • View aircraft data and related contact details;
  • Download certain aircraft certificates;
  • View certificates coming up for renewal for an aircraft they are associated with;
  • Respond to MEL findings from Flight Operations;
  • Payment of invoices;
  • Keep up to date on IOMAR news;
  • Add their own ‘Users’ to their account.

The access portal will also provide the foundation for further services to be made available to clients in future.

The URL is ardis.iomaircraftregistry.com.  It is viewable from most browsers including Chrome and Internet Explorer and may be used on portable devices.

All contacts recorded on Isle of Man Aircraft Registry records for an aircraft will receive an email from the Aircraft Registry, inviting them to login to the system. 

Upon first login, the terms and conditions (T&C’s) of use will be displayed.  To continue with login, the T&C‘s must be read and accepted.  If not accepted, access will not be permitted.

You will also need to set a password for your account. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must contain the following:-

  • a minimum of 1 lower case letter [a-z] and
  • a minimum of 1 upper case letter [A-Z] and
  • a minimum of 1 numeric character [0-9] and
  • a minimum of 1 special character: ~`[email protected]#$%^&*()-_+={}[]|\;:"<>,./?

Passwords will last for a period of 90 days when they must be changed and can only be used once.